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How To Claim A UK Tax Rebate (UK)

Are You Due A Tax Rebate? Average Tax Rebate Over £900!A lot of people are unaware of what they can claim a tax rebate for - YOU could be one of them! And the even better news is it may be easier than you think to claim a tax rebate. It is just as important to know the reasons why you could be due a refund of tax, as it is to know how to claim a tax rebate.

Once you have identified the reason or reasons why you could have overpaid tax, you can then decide how to claim it back.

* How To Claim

* Tax Rebate Reasons

* What Do I Need?

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How To Claim ...

A tax rebate claim can be time consuming, HMRC are in control of the time it will take for you to get a rebate and it could take months to process. Although it is possible to complete a claim on your own it can be confusing and sometimes you will not always receive your full entitlement. Using a reputable agent can help speed up your claim and can result in a larger payout. The need to use an agent depends on your own personal situation, and should be considered if you feel that you would like help in claiming back a tax rebate.

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Tax Rebate Reasons ...

You could be entitled to a tax rebate for varying reasons. 

Are you washing your own uniform or pay professional fees?

Have you left or are leaving the UK?

Do you have to purchase special equipment for work such as tools or protective clothing?

Do you incur business mileage- that is you travel for work?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself before making a claim.

You may be entitled to a tax rebate simply because you have been on the wrong tax code. Anyone who has paid tax may have overpaid for some reason. HMRC do not always refund you this overpayment automatically so not checking could be losing you money.

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What Do I Need?

Depending on the type of claim you are making sometimes more information will be required such as P45 or P60 forms but sometimes a claim can be made with your national insurance number alone.

It is still possible to make a claim even if you have not got all the forms and records that are normally needed but you will need further advice to make a claim successful.

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Worth Knowing ...

Tax rebates can add up to thousands of pounds; If you are normally employed tax rebates can be backdated for up to four years. Four years worth of tax overpayment can add up to a substantial sum of money.

It is also common for different types of tax rebates to be claimed simultaneously, for example uniform tax relief can be paid at the same time as a business mileage rebate, this makes the possible total tax refund you receive even greater!

To be able to make a tax rebate claim you must have paid tax in the year you are making the claim.

It is helpful to keep as many records as you can to support your claim, for example receipts for tools or expenses, a diary showing miles travelled for work and/or payslips showing any mileage allowances paid by an employer.

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