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Tool Tax Back Calculator

If you are employed and have to buy your own tools for work use, you can find out how much tax back on tools you could claim by using the Tool Tax Back Calculator. To make a tax back on tools claim you will need to have proof of purchase, and to have paid tax in the tax year you are claiming.The Tools Tax Back Calculator gives an approximation of the amount of tool tax rebate you could be due from the figure entered.

Tool Tax Back Calculator

All you need to do is enter the total amount of tools purchased into the Tool Tax Back Calculator below to find out how much tool tax rebate you could claim.

Amount of money spent on tools:

Important to know:

You can reclaim a tool tax rebate for as far back as you have proof of purchase, and the tool is still in use.

If you are employed you cannot reclaim the VAT back on tools purchased, only tax relief on the amount spent.

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