Tax Credits

Tax credits are paid by the UK government for a number of different reasons.

The tax credit system is aimed at helping people who have children and for people who have a low income. The department responsible for tax credit payments is called HMRC. You have to apply to receive tax credits and they are not automatically given. You need to meet certain conditions to be able to apply for tax credits, and the amount you receive depends on your personal circumstances.

To find out more about tax credits and child tax credits please follow the links below:

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  • Tax Credits includes:
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    Who qualifies for tax credits?
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    How are tax credits paid?

  • Tax Credit Problems and Appeals includes:
    Can I be overpaid Tax Credits?
    I have been overpaid, what should I do?
    Do I have to repay an overpayment of Tax Credits?
    I don’t agree with HMRC, what should I do?