About TaxBanana.com

TaxBanana.com is here to provide you with FREE independent tax information to help you save money and pay the right amount of tax. TaxBanana.com does not provide tax advice, and the information provided is to help give people a better understanding of the UK tax system.

TaxBanana.com is a Limited company number 7958679 and uses tax professionals to provide free independent information and helpful content about everything tax related.

To keep TaxBanana.com a free to use site it has to have an income to fund the sites running costs and, to continue to provide as much up to date tax information and helpful content as possible. The funding is received from on site advertising and affiliates who pay TaxBanana.com for exposure. Without this funding the site could not be independent and free to use, which is something TaxBanana.com feels is important, and is why it exists.

Who we are

  • Paul Donohoe
    Managing Director of TaxBanana.com
    Paul is the Managing Director of TaxBanana.com and it’s quiet and unassuming editor. His background is in the world of tax, which has led to the creation of TaxBanana.com. Paul’s aim is to give free impartial help and comment on how tax effects the normal working person in the UK. He believes it’s important that UK taxpayers are given the right knowledge to ensure they are not paying too much tax.
  • Anthony Shanks
    Senior Tax Consultant
    Tony is a senior tax consultant with our sister site www.TaxRebateServices.co.uk, and a main contributor to the TaxBanana.com blog. He brings a wealth of knowledge on personal income tax affairs, which is invaluable to the normal working person paying tax under PAYE.
  • Thomas Donohoe
    Business owner of Computer Accounting Services and Financial Director of www.TaxRebateServices.co.uk
    Thomas is a Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians and has over 30 years experience in helping sole traders and small businesses. After running a successful accountancy practice for over 25 years Thomas uses his experience and knowledge to contribute to articles about self employment and small business tax.


TaxBanana.com is a proud supporter of the NSPCC donating 1% of our profits. We believe that supporting such a worthy cause is very important and means that by using Taxbanana.com you can help the NSPCC support children throughout the UK.