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UK Tax Year – the UK tax year runs from the 6th April one tax year to the 5th April the next.

Gross Pay – total self employed income before tax is deducted under the construction industry scheme.

Expenses – total expenses incurred in the tax year.

Tax Paid – total self employed tax paid under the construction industry scheme.

Class 4 National Insurance – Class 4 National Insurance is deducted by HMRC if you earn over a certain amount and is in addition to any tax paid. The CIS Tax Refund Calculator gives an estimated CIS tax refund after both tax and Class 4 NIC have been deducted.

CIS Tax Refund Calculator

If you work as a CIS sub-contractor the CIS Tax Refund Calculator can help you work out how much CIS tax refund you can claim. The CIS Tax Refund Calculator takes into account self employed income only, and not any other income which can affect your tax position. If you have any other income for example from normal PAYE employment, this will affect the total of any CIS tax rebate that may be due. The total CIS tax rebate that can be claimed does depend on your individual circumstances.

The CIS Tax Refund Calculator provides an estimation of the CIS tax refund that could be reclaimed from the figures entered, for the 2011/2012 tax year.

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