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Mechanics Tax Rebate Calculator

If you are an employed mechanic and buy your own tools for work use you can use the Mechanics Tools Tax Rebate Calculator to help you find out how much tax back on tools you can claim. Many mechanics and other trades people do not claim tax back on tools purchased for work use, and therefore it is worth considering if you could be entitled to some tax back on tools.

Mechanics Tools Tax Rebate Calculator

The Mechanics Tools Tax Rebate Calculator provides an estimation of how much tax back on tools you could claim – please enter the total figure of all your tool receipts purchased for work use in the calculator below:

Amount of money spent on tools:

What you need to know:

Tax back on tools can be claimed for as many years as a receipt is available and the tool is still being used. Proof of purchase is necessary to make a tool tax refund claim. A tool tax rebate claim can still be made if you have not kept receipts by claiming a tax code allowance for the last four tax years only.

Please note:

A tool tax refund claim reclaims the tax relief on the tool purchased and not the VAT.

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