Tax Banana supporting the NSPCC

We believe that successful businesses have a responsibility to ‘give something back’ and we do this by supporting the crucial work of the NSPCC. 

That means every time you use our site to get some free tax info, you are increasing our donation and supporting children across the UK and Channel Islands.

What is the NSPCC?

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) is built on the idea that ‘Every childhood is worth fighting for’.

This means that they face the trauma of child abuse with children and help them to rebuild their lives.


What do they do with donations?

The NSPCC’s overarching aim is to eradicate child abuse entirely from our society. They are involved with a range of campaigns which tackle different areas of a complex issue and create effective solutions. This includes:

  • Childline: 24/7 helpline for children

  • NSPCC helpline: advice for concerned adults, including professionals, parents and family members

  • Early intervention programmes for new parents and vulnerable families

  • In-school visits

  • Drive to improve the law and legal service, to better support and protect victims of child abuse

  • Information and advice for parents/carers about their children’s online safety

  • Information Service (including a resource library) and the Current Awareness Service for Practice, Policy and Research which help businesses and organisations to stay up-to-date with safeguarding and child protection

Why we support them

The NSPCC actively seek answers to the questions that most of us can’t even bear thinking about. Their innovative approach to forcing meaningful change is inspiring. The least we can do is help fund the fight. Thank-you for making a huge difference to the lives of thousands of children.

It doesn’t cost much to have a massive effect on one individual:

  • £4 could pay for 1 of our trained volunteer counsellors to answer a child’s call for help to Childline

  • £5 could cover the cost of answering a call to the NSPCC helpline

  • £25 could pay for a trained practitioner to deliver 1 hour of Pregnancy in Mind to help new parents with the ups and downs of having a baby

  • £555 could cover the cost for our Speak out Stay safe programme to visit 1 primary school and speak to every child aged 5-11, giving them the knowledge to protect themselves from abuse

  • £1,600 could pay to recruit, train and support a new Childline volunteer

Over 90% of the NSPCC’s funding is from donations, so our corporate donation will continue into future battles.