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How do I pay Car Tax?

You can usually pay Vehicle Tax in 12-month or 6-month instalments. You can pay online, on the telephone, or at the Post Office. You may need to show various documents, including the vehicle’s registration certificate, a valid insurance certificate, and an MOT certificate.

When your Vehicle Tax is due to expire, you will receive a reminder from the DVLA. You can usually use this to re-tax your vehicle. If you have a vehicle which is kept off-road then is must either have a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) or be taxed. A SORN can be provided by the DVLA.

You can apply to renew your car tax using a V11 form from the fifth day of the month that your current tax disc expires. You must renew your car tax before that expiry date. If you have not received a V11 form two weeks before your current tax disc expires you should contact the DVLA directly.

If you have changed your address (or your name) since you last paid car tax for your vehicle, you need to complete form V5C on your registration documents and enclose this with your V11 form and payment. If other details have changed, such as your car engine size, you need to contact the DVLA directly.

If you have not previously paid car tax on your vehicle you need to complete a V10 Vehicle License Application form, and send this to the DVLA or take it to a Post Office that issues tax discs. You can also tax a car, motorcycle or light goods vehicle online or over the telephone. To tax any vehicle you will need to provide full details of your insurance and a valid MOT certificate. You also need your vehicle’s registration certificate, or a ‘New Keeper Supplement’ if the registration certificate is unavailable. If you do not have these documents you can still tax your vehicle, but you need to complete form V62 (‘Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate’) and an extra fee will apply.

How To Pay your Car Road Tax

Car Road Tax apply online:

Car Road Tax apply by phone:

  • 0300 123 4321

  • Text phone or minicom
    0300 790 6201

Car Road Tax apply in person:

Visit a local DVLA office or Post Office branch. If you are visiting a local DVLA or Post Office branch you must have the following information:

  • Car Tax reminder document (V11 licence renewal reminder).
    If you cannot provide a V11 tax reminder it will be necessary to complete a V5C registration document. Alternatively you can fill in the V5/2 and V10 application for a vehicle licence. If the vehicle has just been purchased and the V5C has not received from the DVLA the V5/2 new keepers supplement can be completed. It is not possible to pay for your car tax at the Post Office if you do not have a V5C or V5/2. A new V5C form will to have to applied for through the DVLA.
  • MOT Certificate
  • Current valid Motor Insurance certificate – if this is not available a cover note can be provided by your Motor Insurance provider
  • The Car Road Tax fee payable

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