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Can I be overpaid Tax Credits?

Sometimes overpayments of Tax Credits do happen.

The main reasons are due to the Tax Credit office not being told about changes in your circumstances, for example you or your partner earning more than before. HMRC also on occasions make errors which can lead to being overpaid Tax Credits.

I have been overpaid, what should I do?

If you think you have been overpaid Tax Credits it is important to contact the Tax Credit office as soon as you can.

The sooner you let the Tax Credit office know, the the sooner the problem can be fixed, making sure that you suffer the least amount of financial hardship as possible.

Do I have to repay an overpayment of Tax Credits?

If you are at fault for being overpaid due to for example not letting HMRC know that you have had a change in circumstances, then you will generally always have to repay the overpayment of Tax Credits. HMRC usually reduces the amount of Tax Credits you will receive in the future, until the total overpayment is repaid.

If the overpayment was due to an HMRC error or you had extenuating circumstances (like illness), you will normally not have to repay any overpayment of tax credits.

I don’t agree with HMRC, what should I do?

If you do not agree with an HMRC decision in relation to an overpayment of Tax Credits issue, you can complete the form TC846 which will allow you to lodge a dispute.

If you do not agree with the amount of Tax Credits you have been awarded you can appeal by completing the form WTC/AP.

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