What is Tax?

Tax is a very large subject and effects every UK citizen in different ways.

There are many different kinds of taxes which are paid to the UK government using varying formats, such as a self assessment tax return, or through the PAYE system if you are employed. Tax is a necessary part of all our lives as it pays for the many services provided by the UK government. Having the knowledge to understand what taxes you should be paying, and if you are paying the right amount of tax, can give you the peace of mind that you are contributing fairly and even save you money.

The information below can help you better understand what tax is and give you some helpful information on many of the different forms of tax in the UK:

  • Income Tax includes:
    What is income tax?
    How is Income Tax calculated?
    How much income tax do I need to pay?
    Income Tax Allowances
    Income Tax Rates and Taxable Bands
    How do I pay income tax?

  • Tax Codes includes:
    Where do I find my Tax Code?
    New Tax Codes
    What does my tax code mean?
    Different Tax Codes
    More than one job
    Emergency Tax Codes

  • Emergency Tax Codes includes:
    What does an emergency Tax Code look like?
    Why do I have a BR/ Emergency Tax Code?
    Can I get a Tax Refund if I have paid Emergency Tax?

  • Construction Industry Scheme includes:
    CIS For Subcontractors
    CIS For Contractors (Employers)

  • VAT (Value Added Tax) includes:
    When do I pay VAT?
    How much VAT do I need to pay?
    Do I need to register for VAT?
    How do I pay VAT?
    Can I claim VAT back?

  • Self Assessment includes:
    Do I need to complete a Self Assessment tax return?
    How do I register for / get a Self Assessment tax return form?
    Can I register for Self Assessment on behalf of a company or trust?
    What is a Unique Tax Reference number (UTR)?
    How do I complete my Self Assessment tax return online?
    Self Assessment Tax return deadlines
    What if I submit my tax return late?
    What if I submit my tax return incorrectly?
    How is my tax calculated?
    Record keeping

  • National Insurance includes:
    What are the different types of National Insurance?
    Who pays National Insurance?
    Do your National Insurance payments affect your Pension and Benefits?
    How much National Insurance should I pay?

  • Pension Tax includes:
    Do I have to pay tax on my pension?
    Do I have to pay tax on my state pension?

  • Corporation Tax includes:
    Who needs to pay Corporation Tax?
    How much Corporation Tax do I need to pay?
    How do I pay Corporation Tax?