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Tax Calculators

Find out if you can reclaim a tax refund with these free and easy to use tax calculators:

  • Income Tax Refund Calculator
    Find out how much income tax refund you may be entitled too – all you need is your income and tax figures to find out for FREE!

  • Business Mileage Calculator
    How much business mileage tax rebate are you due? Enter your business mileage and find out how much tax refund you could be due.

  • Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator
    For people who have lived and worked in the UK within the last 4 tax years – find out for free if you can claim leaving the UK tax back.

  • Tool Tax Back Calculator
    If you are employed and buy your own tools for work, you can use the Tool Tax Back Calculator to find out how much tool tax back you could be due.

  • Mechanics Tax Refund Calculator
    Are you an employed Mechanic who buys tools as part of your job? Find out how much tax you could claim back.

  • CIS Tax Refund Calculator
    Find out how much CIS tax refund you could claim, after Tax and Class 4 National Insurance contributions have been deducted.

Income Tax Refund Calculator
Business Mileage Calculator
Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator
Tool Tax Back Calculator
Mechanics Tax Refund Calculator
CIS Tax Refund Calculator