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Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator

Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator

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The UK Tax Back Calculator can only be as accurate as the figures you have entered.

What you need to know:

Gross Pay – total of all PAYE income from UK employment.

Leaving UK Tax Paid – total of all UK tax paid in one full tax year.

The UK Tax Year – the UK tax year runs from the 6th April one tax year to the 5th April the next.

The Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator works out an approximation of how much leaving the UK tax back you may be due in this current and previous four tax years.

Please note:

The amount of UK tax back that can be refunded depends on each person’s individual situation. In addition to tax back when leaving the UK it is worth noting that there are many other reasons why you may be due UK tax back. If you have for example used your own car for business use,  paid for professional fees, or bought tools for work use then you could be due further UK tax back.

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