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Income Tax Codes Tax Refund

A tax code is issued by HMRC and is used by an employer to deduct tax from a person’s salary. If your tax code is wrong you could be paying too much or not enough tax, and it is therefore important to check your tax code to make sure that it is correct. Your tax code can be found on your payslip and is typically three numbers and one letter for example 123L.

Remember ...

That you can claim a tax refund for the last four tax years, so if your tax code has been wrong you may not have paid the right amount of tax in each of the last four tax years.

The onus is on you to make sure that your tax code is correct and to tell HMRC of any changes and errors.

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How do I know if my tax code is wrong?

The following points help you to check if your tax code is incorrect. It is only a rough guide to highlight the main areas which could indicate if a tax code is correct or not.

The 2012/2013 Tax Year standard tax code is 810L. The 810L Tax Code applies if…

  1. You earn under £100000
  2. You are under the age of 65
  3. You have only one form employment
  4. You have no job related expenses i.e. washing of uniform
  5. You receive no employer benefits i.e. company car

IF all of the above apply and your tax code is not 810L then you could have an incorrect tax code.

Many other factors affect your tax code like ...

  1. Other income for example pension income
  2. Company benefits like a company car
  3. Work related expenses for example washing of uniform allowance
  4. Underpaying tax from a previous tax year

Your tax code will change either upwards for job expenses giving you tax relief, or downwards for adjustments like company benefits and pension income. You can make sure your tax code is correct by checking your notice of coding or by contacting HMRC.

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How do I reclaim a Tax Code Tax Refund?

You can contact HMRC to check your tax code and to reclaim any tax refund you may be entitled to.

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