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Student Tax Refund

To find out about students tax relief please follow the links below:

* If I am a student can I claim a Student Tax Refund?

* What About if I work during the Summer?

* Important To Know ...

If I am a student can I claim a Student Tax Refund?

If you work while you are studying, you will still need to pay the appropriate rates of Income Tax and National Insurance.

There are no special exceptions for students. This applies whether you work part-time or full-time, and whether you study part-time or full-time.

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What About if I work during the Summer?

There are certain rules that may apply if you only work during the holidays which can result in a student tax refund.

A full-time student who only works during vacation periods may be exempt from paying tax under the Pay As You Earn system. If you do paid work during the summer, Christmas, or Easter holidays, you should ask your employer to complete a P38 form. The P38 form states your circumstances and results in a student tax refund if you are eligible.

This only applies to full-time students on accredited University or College courses in the UK, and you cannot claim this PAYE exemption if you also have a part-time job during term-time.

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Important To Know ...

  1. If you are employed and earn less than a certain amount (£8,105 per year in 2012-13) you do not need to pay Income Tax, although your employer will still deduct Class 1 National Insurance contributions if appropriate.
  2. Your Student Loan or Grant does not count as taxable income for these purposes.
  3. If you are an overseas student studying in the UK, you will also need to pay Income Tax and National Insurance on any earnings you gain from working in the UK. In some very specific circumstances it is possible for some overseas students studying in the UK to not have to pay UK tax.

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