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Tax Refund - Washing of Uniform

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Tax Rebates for Washing of Uniform

Wash Your Uniform? Pay Professional Fees? Average Tax Rebate Over £900!

Find out more about claiming uniform tax relief below:

* Am I Eligible For Uniform Tax Relief For Washing Uniform?

* What am I actually claiming back?

* How much will I get from a Uniform Tax Relief claim?

* Can I claim for any other Tax Relief?

* What other Tax Refunds can I claim?

Am I Eligible for Uniform Tax Relief for Washing Uniform?

What you need to know…

  1. You can only claim a uniform tax refund if you are expected to clean your own uniform
  2. If your employer provides you with laundry facilities or provides reimbursement for the cost incurred you cannot claim
  3. You can backdate a uniform tax refund claim for up to four tax years
  4. A uniform tax relief claim also applies if your employer provides protective clothing without a company logo
  5. You cannot claim for your own clothes, or for non-specialist clothes without a company logo that your employer provides for you
  6. The standard washing of uniform allowance is £60 per tax year
  7. If you claim uniform tax refund your tax code will be changed and you will need to pay less tax in future. This will change if you stop needing to wear a uniform

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What am I actually claiming back?

HMRC has many allowances which are used to reflect job related expenses, for example washing of uniform. The allowances are called Flat Rate Expenses, and are used to adjust a persons tax code, meaning that they will pay less tax because the tax code has been increased with the Flat Rate Expense.

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How much will I get from a Uniform Tax Relief claim?

The amount of uniform tax relief you can claim depends on the kind of work you do. The standard amount is £60 per tax year. You can only claim uniform tax relief during the tax years that you have paid tax.

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Can I claim for any other Tax Relief?

Many trades and professions have higher Flat Rate Expense allowances. It is worth checking if your trade or profession has a Flat Rate Allowance as you could be due a larger tax refund.

Similarly other tax reliefs can be claimed if you for example pay membership into a professional body, buy tools for work or use your own car for work purposes.

You can claim for these different kinds of tax relief when you make a claim for uniform tax relief for washing of uniform.

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What other Tax Refunds can I claim?

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