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What is Tax?

Tax is a very large subject and effects every UK citizen in different ways. There are many different kinds of tax which are paid to the UK government using varying formats such as a self assessment tax return, or through the PAYE system if you are employed. Tax is a necessary part of all our lives with it contributing to the many services provided by the UK government.

Having the knowledge to understand what taxes you should be paying, and if you are paying the right amount of tax, can give you the peace of mind that you are contributing fairly and even save you money. The information below can help you better understand what tax is and give you some helpful information on many of the different forms of tax in the UK.

TaxBanana.com is here to provide you with FREE independent tax information to help you save money and pay the right amount of tax. TaxBanana.com does not provide tax advice and the information provided is to help give people a better understanding and does not constitute tax advice.

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