What is an Industrial Death Benefit Pension?

Industrial Death Benefit (or an Industrial Death Benefit Pension) is money paid by the state to the widow, widower or dependents of someone who died due to certain kinds of industrial accident or illness.

It is payable only if the person died before 1988.

The surviving partner is usually eligible to receive Industrial Death Benefit if they were partly or wholly dependent on the money earned by the deceased partner, and if they have not remarried or started living with someone as if married. The higher rate of Industrial Death Benefit Pension is currently £97.65 per week. The rate is slightly higher if the surviving partner is over 80 years old. In many cases where the surviving partner is receiving income from elsewhere, a lower rate (currently £29.30) may apply.

Industrial Death Benefit is not payable for deaths that occurred after April 1988. In these cases certain other benefits may apply, such as National Insurance Widow’s Benefit.