What is Bereavement Allowance?

Bereavement Allowance is money paid by the government to some people after their husband, wife of civil partner has died.

It is payable for up to one year after the death of a spouse or partner, if that person was paying National Insurance contributions, or if they died as the result of an accident or illness suffered at work. You can only claim Bereavement Allowance if you are aged 45 or over, but you are under State Pension Age. If you are bringing up children you cannot claim Bereavement Allowance, but you may be eligible to apply for Widowed Parent’s Allowance instead.

The amount of Bereveament Allowance you receive depends on your age, your partner’s National Insurance contributions, and whether you are receiving any other benefits. You cannot claim Bereavement Allowance if you remarry, or start living with a new partner.

Bereavement Allowance counts as taxable income.