What is Disability Living Allowance?

Disability Living Allowance or DLA is a payment made by the government to individuals over 16 years old but under 65 who have a disability.

It is intended to assist with extra living costs that arise as a result of the disability. You may be eligible for Disability Living Allowance if you have a physical or mental condition that affects your day-to-day life. In most cases your income or savings will not affect your eligibility for Disability Living Allowance.

If you are aged over 65 you may be eligible for Attendance Allowance.

Disability Living Allowance is divided into two components, covering your expenses for care and mobility respectively. The amount you receive therefore depends on the nature and severity of your disability.

In 2013 Disability Living Allowance will begin to be replaced by a new benefit called Personal Independence Payment. It is intended that all current DLA claims will be replaced by Personal Independence Payments by 2016. If you are currently claiming DLA, the Department of Work and Pensions will write to you with details of the new arrangements.