What is Statutory Paternity Pay?

Statutory Paternity Pay is paid by employers to the partner of someone who has recently had a baby, or adopted a child.

You can usually claim Statutory Paternity Pay if you have worked for at least 26 weeks for the same employer, and if you earn above a certain amount (£102.00 per week in 2011/12).

You can claim Statutory Paternity Pay for up to two weeks. It is paid at 90% of your weekly earnings or the standard rate of £128.73 (in 2011/12), whichever is lower.

If you wish to receive Statutory Paternity Pay you must inform your employer 15 weeks before the date that the baby is due, or within one week of the adoption match being confirmed. You can take your Paternity Leave at any time within eight weeks of the child’s birth.

Statutory Paternity Pay counts as taxable income.