Am I Due A Tax Rebate?

Millions of £££’s of overpaid tax goes unclaimed each year!  It is estimated that 1 in 3 UK tax payers could be due a tax rebate. These rebates are not always issued automatically and often a claim must be made to HMRC to inform them to pay you the money you are entitled to.

People overpay tax for a variety of reasons and asking Am I Due A Tax Rebate? could end up meaning you can claim money back that you didn’t know you could!

Countless UK tax payers can claim for job related tax relief on costs they incur to carry out their job and can make a claim for the past four tax years.

Here Are Some Popular Examples …

  •  Washing Your Own Uniform
  •  Using Your Own Vehicle Or Public Transport To Travel To Different Work Locations
  •  Purchasing Tools Or Other Equipment For Your Job

Other Reasons Include Having …

  •  An Incorrect Tax Code
  •  Gaps In Employment
  •  Or Leaving The UK

Some More Helpful Points …

To be due a tax rebate you need to have paid tax in the year you are making a claim.

Depending on the type of claim you are making, different information and/or records are often needed by HMRC. Some claims can be processed using only your national insurance number but others, for example travel expense claims, will benefit from having records and receipts provided with them. Some claimants will need to provide further information for example those claiming a left or leaving the UK tax rebate claim will need to provide a P85 form and, wherever possible, P60 and P45 forms.

Whilst you are well within your rights to contact HMRC directly to make your tax rebate claim, it is often advisable to use a professional service, especially for those who have complex tax affairs or are trying to make claims without records, as tax rebate claims can be time consuming and confusing. On average it takes between 4 and 12 weeks for a tax rebate claim to be processed however it can be longer and is the timescale is ultimately decided by HMRC.

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Are you due a Tax Rebate?