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Can I claim a Flight Tax Refund on air passenger duty?

  • If you do not use your ticket because your flight is cancelled you are entitled to a Flight Tax refund on the full rate of APD that you have paid.

  • If you cancel your ticket before the date of travel you should be entitled to a full Flight Tax refund on the APD you have paid.

Cancellation charges or administrative fees will often apply and vary depending on the Airline. Airlines are required to provide full details of how to claim back Airline Passenger Duty on unused tickets.

What is Airline Passenger Duty Tax?

Airline Passenger Duty (or APD) is the name given to all airline taxes paid by passengers and is often called Flight Tax. APD is payable on most commercial flights out of the UK, and is usually included in the price of the ticket or paid when the ticket is bought. The airline then pays the tax directly to HMRC after the flight has departed..

There are various rates of Airline Passenger Duty, which vary according to the distance flown and the type of ticket purchased. After April 2012 these range from £13 for standard-class tickets on flights of less than 2,000 miles, up to £184 for first-class tickets on flights over 6,000 miles. The highest APD rates are slightly lower on flights departing from Northern Ireland.

Please find below the different rates for each of the four APD bands, for the current 2011-2012 tax year and the rate that it has been stated it will change to in the 2012-2013 tax year:

Band Reduced Rate: Standard rate:
Current Rate Rate from 1 April 2013 Current Rate Rate from 1 April 2013
Band A (0 – 2000 miles) £13 £13 £26 £26
Band B (2001 – 4000 miles) £65 £67 £130 £134
Band C (4001 – 6000 miles) £81 £83 £162 £166
Band D (over 6000 miles) £92 £94 £184 £188

Can I reduce the amount of Flight Tax I pay?

Airline Passenger Duty (APD), sometimes called Flight Tax, is a tax payable to HMRC on all commercial flights leaving UK airports. In the year 2012 the British Government has increased the air passenger tax.

  • APD on Short-haul flights from £12 to £13.
  • APD on Long-haul flights from £60 to £65 for flights up to 4000 miles
  • APD on Long-haul flights from £75 to £81 for flights between 4000 to 6000 miles
  • APD on Long-haul flights from £85 to £92 for flights above 6000 miles

Because APD is calculated according to the distance flown, it can sometimes be significantly less expensive to travel to another European airport before taking a long-haul flight.

Rates of Airline Passenger Duty (APD) increased during the 2012 budget, but it is still possible to reduce the APD that you pay. For example, you may be able to drive or fly to an airport in France, Germany or Holland before departing for America or Asia. This could potentially save over £100 per person in flight tax fees.

Also, there are different rates of Airline Passenger Duty payable for different types of tickets. This means you pay significantly less flight tax on a standard-class ticket than a first-class or business-class seat.

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