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    Introduction to Tax Rebate Services.
  2. Tax Refund
    If you have paid too much tax, you can usually claim back what you have overpaid. This refund of tax is often called a tax rebate.
    Find out more in this section that links to:
    1. Am I Due A Tax Rebate?
    2. How To Claim A Tax Rebate
    3. Business Mileage
      Depending on the kind of work you do, you may be able to claim tax relief if you use your own vehicle for work purposes. This is sometimes called business mileage. Tax relief for business mileage is available for a number of professions ...
    4. Travel Expenses
      Travel Expenses for the employed can include business mileage, subsistence / accommodation and public transport costs. It is important to know what is allowable when claiming travel expenses ...
    5. Subsistence Expenses
      Find out about subsistence tax relief ...
    6. Left or Leaving UK
      If you have worked and been resident in the UK and have left to live somewhere else during the last four tax years, you may be able to claim back some or all of the tax you have paid ...
    7. Uniform Tax Relief
      Find out about uniform tax relief ...
    8. CIS Tax Refund
      A CIS tax refund is a repayment of tax from HMRC for someone who is sub contracting through the Construction Industry Scheme ...
    9. Tax Code Refund
      A tax code is issued by HMRC and is used by an employer to deduct tax from a person’s salary. If your tax code is wrong you could be paying too much or not enough tax, and it is therefore important to check your tax code to make sure that it is correct ...
    10. Tools Tax
      If you are employed by a company and need to use tools in your job, and you have paid for these yourself, you may be able to claim tax back on tools ...
    11. Mechanics Tax
      If you are a Mechanic or Vehicle Technician you can usually claim a mechanics tax rebate by claiming tax relief for the cost of tools or other equipment that you use during your work ...
    12. Construction PAYE
      A CIS tax refund is a repayment of tax from HMRC for someone who is sub contracting through the Construction Industry Scheme ...
    13. Nurse Tax
      The vast majority of nurses will be eligible to claim for nurse tax relief on professional fees, laundering of uniform and cost of shoes and tights purchased for work use ...
    14. Teacher Tax
      The majority of Teachers in the UK are entitled to claim teacher tax relief on the cost of fees into their chosen professional body. As part of a teacher tax rebate claim other expenses incurred for work purposes can be claimed ...
    15. Doctor Tax
      The vast majority of doctors will be eligible to claim for doctor tax relief on professional fees and Professional indemnity insurance. If you are a doctor who uses their own car for business use ... if you purchase your own medical equipment ...
    16. Health Sector
      If you work as a doctor, nurse, midwife, health visitor or healthcare assistant, or in another healthcare profession, you are probably eligible for tax relief ...
    17. Police Tax
      Find out more about police tax relief ...
    18. UK Non Resident
      If you do not usually live in the UK, you may have UK non-resident tax status and be eligible for tax relief on income received in the UK ...
    19. UK Non Resident Landlords
      Landlords who are not resident in the UK, but who receive a rental income from property in UK, may be eligible for UK non resident landlord tax relief ...
    20. Seafarers Tax
      Find out about seafarers' tax relief ...
    21. Tax Refund On Savings
      Are you entitled to a tax refund on your savings?
    22. Student Tax
      Find out about students' tax relief ...
    23. Car Tax Refund
      If you are the registered keeper of a vehicle that is no longer used, you may be eligible for a Car Road Tax refund on Vehicle Tax that you have already paid ...
    24. Council Tax Rebate
      If you have been paying too much Council Tax, you may be able to claim back some of what you have already paid ...
    25. Gift Aid
      Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to increase the value of donations, by reclaiming the basic rate income tax that has already been paid on that money ...
    26. Inheritance Tax Rebate
      It is possible that homeowners in the UK could have overpaid Inheritance tax due to falling house prices in the last four years. It is estimated that over 21000 estates could be affected and the average Inheritance tax rebate due back could be over £4000 ...
    27. NI Refund
      Find out more about tax relief on National Insurance ...
    28. TV Licence Refund
      If you are a student who leave their student accomodation for the summer holidays you could be entitled to claim back almost £40 on your television licence ...
    29. VAT Refund
      In some circumstances it is possible to reclaim a VAT Refund if you are an individual and if you are VAT registered business ...
  3. What is Tax?
    For further information about tax please follow the links below:
    1. HMRC Tax Office
      HMRC is the government department in the United Kingdom responsible for collecting taxes and is commonly known as the Tax Office ...
    2. Income Tax
      Income tax is paid on money that you earn or receive in the UK. Income tax is paid directly to HMRC ...
    3. Tax Codes
      If you pay income tax in the UK, or if you receive any wages under the PAYE (Pay As You Earn) system, you will be given a tax code ...
    4. Emergency Tax Code
      An Emergency Tax Code is used to deduct 20% tax from all of the PAYE income received ...
    5. CIS Subcontractors
      The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is a set of regulations that control payments to subcontractors working in the construction industry ...
    6. VAT
      Value Added Tax, commonly called VAT, is a tax payable on many transactions in the UK ...
    7. Self Assessment
      Self Assessment means that you fill in a tax return form every year ...
    8. Stamp Duty Tax
      Stamp Duty Land Tax is currently payable on all purchases of land or property in the UK valued over £125,000 ...
    9. National Insurance
      National Insurance (NI) is paid by individuals aged 16 or over, who are employed or self-employed ...
    10. Pension Tax
      Your pension counts as taxable income, which means that if you receive more than a certain amount per year you will be due to pay income tax ...
    11. Corporation Tax
      Corporation Tax is a tax paid on profits made by limited companies ...
    12. Inheritance Tax
      Inheritance Tax is tax paid on the value of property, land and money that belonged to someone who has died ...
    13. Capital Gains Tax
      Capital Gains Tax is a tax that is payable on profit gained after the sale or use of any asset, including property, shares, and insurance payouts ...
  4. PPI Tax
    Payment Protection Insurance (often referred to as PPI) is an optional payment designed to provide cover in case you were unable to keep up your loan repayments due to illness or unemployment. Find out more about PPI in this section that links to:
    1. Reclaiming PPI
      Find out about reclaiming PPI Tax ...
    2. PPI Facts
      Find out more about Payment Protection Insurance ...
  5. Tax Phone Numbers
    For tax contact details and phone numbers please click on the relevant link below:
    1. Tax Office
    2. HMRC Online Services
    3. Find an Accountant
    4. Tax Credits
    5. Child Benefit
    6. Self Assessment
    7. Self Employed
    8. National Insurance
    9. VAT
    10. Pension Schemes
    11. Tax Charities
    12. More Tax Phone Numbers
  6. Tax Credits
    For further Tax Credits and Child Tax Credits information please follow the links below ...
    1. Child Tax Credit
      Child Tax Credits are payments made to people who are responsible for bringing up children ...
    2. Tax Credit
      Tax Credits are payments that the government pays to individuals ...
    3. Tax Credit Problems and Appeals
      Find out about Tax Credit problems and appeals ...
  7. Tax Calculators
    Find out if you can reclaim a Tax Refund with these Free and Easy to use Tax Calculators ...
    1. Income Tax Refund Calculator
      The Income Tax Refund Calculator helps people who are employed to find out how much income tax refund they may be entitled too. All you need is your income and tax figures to find out for FREE!
    2. Business Mileage Calculator
      The Business Mileage Calculator helps you work out how much business mileage tax rebate you could be due. Enter your business mileage and find out how much tax refund you could be due.
    3. Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator
      The Leaving the UK Tax Back Calculator helps people who have lived and worked in the UK within the last four tax years. Find out for free if you can claim leaving the UK tax back.
    4. Tool Tax Back Calculator
      If you are employed and buy your own tools for work, you can use the Tool Tax Back Calculator to find out how much tool tax back you could be due.
    5. Mechanics Tax Refund Calculator
      Are you an employed Mechanic who buys tools as part of your job? Find out how much tax you could claim back by using the Mechanics Tax Back Calculator. 
    6. CIS Tax Refund Calculator
      If you are a Construction Industry Sub Contractor use the CIS Tax Refund Calculator to find out how much CIS tax refund you could claim, after Tax and Class 4 National Insurance contributions have been deducted.
  8. Car Tax
    Vehicle Tax is sometimes called Car Tax. It is a tax paid on every private or public vehicle on the UK roads, with certain exceptions.
    Find out more about Car Tax in this section that links to:
    1. How much ...
      The cost of Vehicle Tax depends on the type of vehicle, its size, fuel type, and age ...
    2. How to pay ...
      You can usually pay Vehicle Tax in 12-month or 6-month instalments ...
    3. Car Tax Bands
      It is important to know which car tax band your vehicle fits into as it will let you know how much Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) you will pay ...
  9. Council Tax
    Council Tax is money paid to your local authority in England, Scotland and Wales.
    Find out more about Council Tax in this section that links to:
    1. Payments & Benefits
      In England, Scotland and Wales, most properties where people live are liable for Council Tax ...
    2. Council Tax Bands
      It is possible that you may be in the wrong council tax band ...
    3. How to pay ...
      To pay your council tax you will have to contact the Council Tax department of your Local Authority ...
    4. Exemptions
      Some dwellings in England, Scotland and Wales can be exempt from the owner or occupier paying Council Tax ...
  10. Travel
    Find out more about Flight Tax and Flight Tax Refunds in this section that links to:
    1. Flight Tax
  11. Tax Tips > Tax Glossary
    The Tax Glossary gives a helpful description of subjects mentioned in and some other relevant subjects relating to Tax ...
    1. Allowances
      - What are Adoption Allowances?
      - What is Bereavement Allowance?
      - What is Carer’s Allowance?
      - What is Disability Living Allowance?
      - What is Employment and Support Allowance?
      - What is Guardian’s Allowance?
      - What is Jobseekers Allowance?
      - What is Contribution Based JSA?
      - What is Income Based JSA?
      - What is Widowed Parent’s Allowance?
      - What is Young Person’s Bridging Allowance?
    2. Benefits
      - What is Child Benefit?
      - What is Incapacity Benefit?
      - What is a Job Grant (Back to Work Bonus)?
    3. Capital Gains Tax
      - What is Capital Gains Tax?
    4. Childcare & School Support
      - What are Childcare Vouchers?
      - What are Clothing and School Uniform grants?
      - What is Higher Education Student Support?
    5. Corporation Tax
      - What is Corporation Tax?
    6. Council Tax
      - What is Council Tax?
    7. Customs & Excise
      - What are Excise Duties?
    8. Forms
      - What is an NRL1?
      - What is an NRL2?
      - What is an NRL3?
      - What are a P11d and a P9d?
      - What is a P45?
      - What is a P46?
      - What is a P60?
      - What is a P85?
      - What is a P87?
      - What is a Statement of Earnings?
    9. Income Tax
      - Taxable Income
      - Non-Taxable Income
    10. Inheritance Tax
      - What is Inheritance Tax?
    11. Insurance
      - Do I need to pay tax on Insurance Payouts?
      - What are Life Insurance Policy gains?
    12. National Savings
      - What are National Savings and Investment Certificates?
    13. Pensions
      - What is the State Pension?
      - What is a Private Pension?
      - What is a Widow's Pension?
      - What is an Industrial Death Benefit Pension?
    14. Redundancy
      - What are Redundancy Payments?
    15. Self Assessment
      - Self Assessment Deadlines
      - Self Assessment Tax Return Penalties
    16. Stamp Duty
      - Stamp Duty Land Tax
    17. Statutory Pay
      - What is Statutory Adoption Pay?
      - What is Statutory Maternity Pay?
      - What is Statutory Paternity Pay?
      - What is Statutory Sick Pay?
      - What are Statutory Redundancy Payments?
  12. Tax News
    Keep up-to-date with the latest Tax News ...
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