November 2012

Landlords Being Targeted by HMRC!

November 27th, 2012|Landlords|

HMRC Targeting Landlords... A new HMRC task force has been set up to catch landlords who are not declaring their rental income. The task force is specifically aimed at landlords in the South East of [...]

Car Road Tax Changes

November 22nd, 2012|Car tax|

Motorists who use motorway to pay more tax, under new Government plans It have has been reported that government officials are contemplating a new two-tier road tax system which would see motorists having to pay [...]

Car Tax & Insurance Certificates

November 15th, 2012|Car tax|

Car Tax - Insurance certificate no longer needed for car tax... A new Government proposal means that drivers may no longer have to produce their motor insurance certificate when buying a car tax disc. The [...]

HMRC – New Campaign To Catch Tax Cheats!

November 14th, 2012|HMRC|

Tax cheats are being called on to disclose all their income to HMRC before they are ‘caught’. HMRC have launched a new advertising campaign targeting those individuals who ‘moonlight’ or do jobs for ‘cash in [...]

Child Benefit & Self Assessment

November 8th, 2012|Child benefit|

If you are one of the thousands of people claiming child benefit, and have been notified by HMRC that you will have reduced child benefit payments due to your earnings, you will generally have to [...]

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