February 2013

Uniform Tax Relief

February 27th, 2013|Uniform tax relief|

Uniform Tax Relief For The Armed Forces Getting uniform tax relief is quite normal for people who work in many industries. For members of the armed forces it is not so common due to HMRC [...]

TaxBanana.com Donating To The NSPCC

February 26th, 2013|TaxBanana.com|

TaxBanana.com Supporting the NSPCC! TaxBanana.com is proud to be supporting the NSPCC. We have agreed to donate 1% of TaxBanana.com profits to the NSPCC and will donate £500 for the first 5000 likes on our [...]

HMRC Targeting London

February 22nd, 2013|HMRC|

A new HMRC taskforce has been launched to target self assessment tax cheats in London and the South East. Taskforces are specialist teams that engage in high intensity investigative and enforcement work in specific areas [...]

Council Tax Budget Cuts

February 21st, 2013|Council tax|

Council Tax Extreme budget cuts could see millions face a rise in their council tax. One in five local authorities are likely to increase council tax in 2013 despite the Government’s call for its freeze. [...]

Tax Credit Problems

February 20th, 2013|HMRC|

Tax Credits The tax credit system is reportedly still inefficient and full of error. This is despite HMRC launching a plan of action in 2010 to tackle such disorganisation. HMRC has been criticised by watchdogs [...]

Car Tax Refunds

February 19th, 2013|Car tax|

Can I get a refund on my Car Tax/Vehicle Tax? Don't forget your car tax refund! You could be eligible for a road tax refund if you are the registered keeper of a vehicle that [...]

Council Tax Rebate Scam

February 19th, 2013|Council tax|

Local councils are warning residents of scam council tax rebate offers. People are being warned not to be taken in by conmen apparently offering council tax rebates over the phone. Several reports have been made [...]

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