Public Back Air Passenger Tax Rethink…

Lower airport tax is on the wish-list of 82 per cent of the public, according to a recent survey.

The vast majority of people questioned by the Airport Operators Association (AOA), expressed their want for Air Passenger Duty (APD) to be cut, or at least frozen, by the government.  The duty, which is required on almost all passenger flights from the UK, has increased tremendously over recent years. The UK currently has the highest aviation tax in the world, subjecting APD to much criticism.

Air passenger duty has been condemned for making flying too expensive an option for most ordinary British families. It has been stated that the duty tax has been blamed for a decrease in foreign visitors holidaying in the UK, and is even thought to be having a detrimental effect on the economies of other countries that rely heavily on tourism.

The AOA’s survey, which was published on Monday 19th October, also utilised a second poll, this one involving the opinions of 500 business leaders. The results suggested that three quarters of these leaders believe that the British aviation industry should be supported more by the government in order to enhance the nation’s economy in terms of jobs and growth.

The AOA released the findings from the polls to coincide with the launch of their own integrated policy for UK aviation. The policy makes 25 recommendations aimed at the government in the hopes of improving aviation, creating more jobs and improving business and economic growth for the whole of the UK.

Airport Tax Refund…

If you do not use your ticket because your flight is cancelled you are entitled to a Flight Tax refund on the full rate of APD that you have paid. If you cancel your ticket before the date of travel you should be entitled to a full Flight Tax refund on the APD you have paid.