It has been the law for over 40 years that tax discs are displayed in the windscreen of all vehicles. However, in a move to cut costs, the paper discs may be discontinued in the next few years.

Tax discs are displayed on vehicles in the UK as proof that road tax has been paid. Police can now find out instantly though, by accessing the DVLA database, whether a vehicle is taxed or not, and so ministers have stated that there is no longer need for a paper copy of the tax disc to be provided.

The plan has been published in the small print of a Government consultation paper by the Department for Transport. It is looking into reforming the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, the Driving Standards Agency, the Vehicle Certification Agency and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency.

It is also thought that tax disc reminders may soon come as emails or texts rather than paperwork through the post.

Driving licenses are also set to change with the paper element being dispensed with. This is due to happen in 2015.

Ministers are arguing for the changes, both with the tax disc and driving license, on the basis that they will ‘remove the need for unnecessary paper’ and ‘streamline services to motorists’.