Uniform Tax Relief

Thousands of people in the UK have no option but to wear a uniform for work and launder it themselves.

If you are one of them you could be due a uniform tax relief! Claiming tax relief for the upkeep of a uniform is very common especially with the internet helping more and more people become aware of what they are entitled to.

To be able to claim you have to meet certain criteria which I have listed below:

  • You need to have paid Income Tax in the tax years you are claiming
  • You have to meet the cost of cleaning the uniform yourself
  • You are not reimbursed for the cost of cleaning by your employer
  • Your uniform includes a company logo – If for example you wear protective clothing which does not have a company logo, the allowance should normally still be allowed

A claim for uniform tax relief can be made for the previous four tax years, and you don’t have to be with the same employer to claim. As long as you meet the criteria you can claim tax relief for as many jobs as you like.

To save you time it is worth checking to see if you are already receiving the laundry allowance in your tax code. Your notice of coding can tell you this and will show an amount of £60 for the laundry allowance in most cases.

A tax professional or accountant can help you claim back tax relief for laundry costs and can help highlight other reasons why you could be owed a tax rebate. You should think about if you qualify for other reasons why you can claim a tax rebate, like buying tools and using your own car to travel to different locations for your job.