New HMRC campaign gives direct sellers 1 month to pay tax owed

HMRC have launched many campaigns in recent times aimed at targeting tax evaders. Previous campaigns have been concerned with such things as offshore investments, online traders, medical professionals, plumbers, coaches and tutors. So far almost £540 million has been raised through these campaigns. The latest campaign being launched is one which targets direct sellers.

All direct sellers, often known as agents, consultants, representatives or distributors, have been given until the end of the month to tell HMRC about any tax due and to make arrangements for payment.

Direct sellers, that is those people who take commission on direct sales to customers, often using catalogues either door to door or through parties, must let HMRC know about their tax affairs by 28th February 2013. After this date HMRC will be contacting those who they think owe them money and there is the possibility those who have not come forward will face penalty fines.

This latest HMRC campaign is known as the Direct Selling campaign and HMRC are currently writing to direct sellers to inform them of it. They are also inviting direct sellers to a live Twitter question and answer session on 7th February between 1pm and 2pm. Direct sellers are advised to join in the discussion on Twitter if they have any questions about the campaign or their tax affairs.