January 2013

VAT Late Returns

January 15th, 2013|VAT|

VAT Late Returns Campaign... Businesses that have failed to submit VAT returns are to be targeted by HMRC. As many as 50,000 will be targeted by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) this month with warnings [...]

December 2012

HMRC Using Credit Reference Agencies

December 4th, 2012|HMRC|

Credit Reference Agencies Helping HMRC... HMRC has recently completed a pilot scheme where credit reference agencies have helped identify people who are potentially not paying enough tax. The pilot involved in the region of 20,000 [...]

November 2012

HMRC – New Campaign To Catch Tax Cheats!

November 14th, 2012|HMRC|

Tax cheats are being called on to disclose all their income to HMRC before they are ‘caught’. HMRC have launched a new advertising campaign targeting those individuals who ‘moonlight’ or do jobs for ‘cash in [...]

October 2012

HMRC Targeting Direct Sellers!

October 18th, 2012|HMRC|

Many people in the UK supplement their PAYE income by direct selling. Direct selling can be catalogue distribution or door to door sales for example. If you have income from direct selling you essentially have [...]

September 2012

New HMRC Taskforces To Tackle Tax Dodgers!

September 19th, 2012|HMRC|

New HMRC Taskforces HMRC have today announced today new taskforces aimed at certain industries in the UK. It is expected to retrieve up to 20 million pounds in unpaid tax. HMRC have reportedly recovered over [...]

HMRC After Amazon and Ebay Sellers!

September 18th, 2012|Tax News|

HMRC are directly targeting online traders on sites like Amazon and Ebay to make sure that they are declaring taxable income from sales on-line and making sure they pay the correct amount of tax. The [...]

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