It is important to let HMRC know about certain changes in your circumstances. If you don’t let HMRC know that you have changed your name or address your tax record will not be up to date, meaning you may not be paying the correct tax . It is possible a tax rebate cheque could have been posted to a house you used to live at because HMRC have not been told of your new address.

Common examples of important personal changes are:

  • Change of name – If you get married for example, letting HMRC know can allow for your new surname to be updated on their system. If HMRC has a different name against your national insurance number this can cause issues when sending tax rebate cheques and other types of correspondence.
  • Change of address – this is very important and will make sure you receive any correspondence HMRC might send you, such as a notice of coding form P2 showing your new tax code.
  • Change of job expenses – If you are employed and have job expenses included in your tax code you should highlight any increase or decrease to make sure you do not over pay or under pay tax. For example if you  have previously made a uniform tax relief claim resulting in a flat rate expense allowance being put into your tax code, and you no longer have a uniform then the allowance should be removed from your tax code.