We want everyone to have has much accessible information as possible about the tax system. Not just explanations of the regulations, but an understanding of how the rules apply to your own financial situation. Our calculators ask you to input some necessary information and give you a personalised estimation of how much your tax refund is worth.

That’s why we, so far, have included six free tax refund calculators on our website:

If we think that other calculators will be helpful, we’ll add them in the future. We know that a vast number of taxpayers can make use of at least one of these first six.

Three reasons to love using our free tax refund calculators

  1. You don’t need to understand any more than you do now.

Most people just want to know the answer to the question – ‘how much could this be worth to me?’ You can input your figures into the calculator and get an answer to this without needing to understand any more about that particular area of tax. You don’t need to get your head around every aspect of the tax refund to see if it’s worth your time to pursue a claim.

  1. You don’t need to explain anything to anyone.

You don’t have to email or phone anyone to get an answer. Trying to discuss tax with an expert can be a bit daunting, but you literally don’t have to speak to anyone to get an answer from the free calculators. It gives you a bit of extra information for any future meetings with an accountant or tax professional.

  1. It’s quick, easy and safe.

The free calculators do not collect and store your information. They simply use it to calculate the necessary equation, just like your phone. So it’s safe to input your details without the fear of them being gathered and sold. Each calculator will ask you for slightly different information, for some it’s just one figure, and you get the calculation within seconds. You do not need to go through any kind of registration procedure to use the calculator, it’s a standalone free service.

Why should I find out about my tax position?

Lots of people are surprised to learn that the responsibility for making sure you are tax compliant doesn’t rest with HMRC, but with each individual taxpayer. Many taxpayers are delighted to learn just how much they can reclaim in overpaid income tax or work expenses tax reliefs. Our calculators are a fast, simple and secure way to keep yourself fully tax efficient.