New Businesses Advised To Register For VAT Online

New businesses are being encouraged by HMRC to choose the online option for registering for VAT rather than the traditional paper alternative.

Businesses are being advised that registering for VAT online is quicker and easier than using the paper form and is also a more secure option. Choosing online registration means that postal delays are avoided, on-screen help is available, immediate acknowledgement of HMRC receiving your application is obtained and your certificate of registration is available for you online.

Applying for VAT registration online will also see you enrolled automatically for HMRC’s VAT Online service. This service allows you to submit VAT returns online and, after recent changes the VAT Online system now allows businesses to change their VAT registration details and even cancel their VAT registration online.

Gill Evans from HMRC said: “Around four out of five new businesses already register online for VAT. VAT returns must be submitted online, and payments must be made electronically, so it makes sense to get online at the first stage of the VAT process, by registering via our website.”

If you would like to register for VAT online visit

Help and advice is also available from the VAT Online Helpdesk on 0845 010 8500