Local councils are warning residents of scam council tax rebate offers. People are being warned not to be taken in by conmen apparently offering council tax rebates over the phone.

Several reports have been made regarding phone calls during which individuals claiming to be from the local authority tell residents they are in the wrong council tax band and are due a substantial refund.

The caller then asks for an up-front fee, typically between £87 to £175, which they say is to cover solicitors’ and legal fees. They also ask for the householder’s bank details in order to process the refund. If the unsuspecting resident was to go along with the con, they not only stand to lose the fee they are asked for but could be subject to identity theft and further financial extortion.

Anyone receiving such a phone call is warned not to give out any personal information but to end the phone call and report it to their local police force. If a householder has reason to believe they are in the wrong council tax band they should contact their local valuation agency.